Copper-Aluminum Bimetal Composites heat sink
November 3, 2022
Copper-Aluminum Bimetal Composites foil
November 3, 2022

Copper-Aluminum Bimetal Composites negative terminal for battery


Battery Negative terminal made of Copper-Aluminum bimetals by stamping for CATL/BYD’s battery to replace traditional friction welding Copper-Aluminum negative terminal, due to much lower cost and no limit of production capacity.

Our Copper-Aluminum Bimetal Composites material is a plating of copper on aluminum. The two metals are combined together through our patented technology which we called Oxygen-free Semi-molten rolling compound technology. This technology solves the technical problems of oxidation and eutectic of copper-aluminum composite.

Copper-Aluminum Bimetal Composites strips Features

1. Dimensions and allowable tolerances of copper-aluminum composite materials

Sheet1: Strip thickness and width and allowable tolerances  (Unit:mm )

Serial material code Name base value allowable tolerances
1 TY-DC0001  thickness 3.8mm +0.15/-0
2 Copper layer thickness 1.3mm ±0.05
3 Aluminum layer thickness 2.5mm /
4 Width 40~145 +0/-0.3
5 Length /         /
6 TY-DC0002 thickness 3.9mm +0.1/-0.05
7 Copper layer thickness 1.3mm ±0.05
8 Aluminum layer thickness 2.6mm /
9 Width 40~145 +0/-0.3
10 Length /         /
  1. Mechanical properties of copper-aluminum composites2.1 Vickers hardness of copper-aluminum composites
    Sheet2: Vickers hardness of copper-aluminum composites
Metal Model Lt Copper surface hardness Aluminum surface hardness
T2/1060 H18 / 35~45

2.2  Room temperature pull-up performance
Sheet3: Longitudinal tensile properties of composites at room temperature

Metal Model Lt depth/mm tensile strength Rm/MPa Elongation
T2/1060 H18 ≥3.8 ≥150Mpa ≥10

2.3 Peel strength≥25N/mm

2.4  Compound rate:100%

The widely used copper-aluminum composite material concentrates the advantages of copper and aluminum, which not only has the advantages of copper such as high electrical and thermal conductivity, low contact resistance and beautiful appearance, but also has the advantages of light weight and corrosion resistance of aluminum. Therefore, Copper-aluminum composite materials are widely used in new energy vehicles, lithium batteries, Photovoltaic, communication base station, power equipment, electricity, heat transfer, and other industries.

Copper-Aluminum Composites strips/sheets can be made as transition busbar, lithium battery connecting terminals, heat sink, filter cover for communication base station,etc.

Our products are hot sold to more than 20 provinces across the country, and also exported to The European Union, South Korea, Japan, USA, and other countries.

Advantages of our Copper-Aluminum Bimetal Composites materials :
1. Lower Weight due to lower density.
2. Lower cost due to larger volume.
3. Good electrical conductivity.
4. Good mechanical properties, easy for cutting/punching/bending/drilling, etc.
5. Simpler processing, good for Mass-production.

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