About Trenda

We develop and produce Copper-Aluminum Bimetal Composites with width of 600~1000mm, thickness of 0.05~20mm, annual output more than 20,000 tons.

We are the publishing unit of the Chinese National Standard GB-T 32468-2015 of “Copper-aluminum Bimetal Composites Strips”.


About Us

Hongkong Trenda Co., Ltd. was established in 2014 and is located in Shenzhen, an international technology industry innovation center. The company is committed to the research and development, production, and sales services of metal composite materials.

What is Copper-Aluminum Bimetal Composites Material?

Our Copper-Aluminum Bimetal Composites material is a new kind of metal with aluminum core and copper cladding. The two metals are combined together through our patented technology which we call Oxygen-free Semi-molten rolling compound technology. This technology solves the technical problems of oxidation and eutectic of copper-aluminum composite. Our composites materials are tested in many ways and proven over many years as a replacement material for pure copper in some applications.

Compare to pure copper material, Copper-Aluminum Composites materials’ advantages are below

Light weight

The density of Copper-Aluminum Composites is only 37%-40% of pure copper, and the volume of the same weight is 2-2.5 times of that of pure copper.

Cost down much

Less copper materials, greatly reduce the cost by about 40%-50%.


Why choose us

Why choose us for Copper-Aluminum Bimetal Composites materials, because we have patented technology to make Copper-Aluminum Composites material: Oxygen-free Semi-molten rolling compound technology.

Advantages of Oxygen-free semi-molten rolling compound technology

Non-oxidation and Non-Eutectics

This technology solves the technical problems of oxidation and eutectic of copper-aluminum composite, and creates a semi-molten composite theory

Mass-Production Available

It meets the precise requirements of thermal infiltration recombination temperature and time between two metals, and controls the formation and expansion of the eutectic layer. The equipment has a high degree of industrialization and realizes intensive production. The basis of this process is continuous casting and rolling composite process. The main equipment is transformed from the current mature hot continuous rolling equipment, so it can realize continuous industrialization and automatic production.

High compounding rate and high bonding strength

High compounding rate and high bonding strength. The process is optimized on the basis of the copper-aluminum explosion composite theory and the rolling composite theory. The composite process is carried out under high temperature, high pressure, and oxygen-free conditions, which solves the problem of copper and aluminum oxidation in the copper-aluminum composite process. Through control and process adjustment, the copper and aluminum reaches a semi-melted state in the composite process, realizing 100% metallurgical composite of copper and aluminum, with high composite strength, and there is no brittle phase between the copper and aluminum composite layers.

Energy Saving

The process is simple, energy-saving, saving costs and resources. The production process uses aluminum ingots and copper strips as raw materials, and continuous casting and rolling reduce processes, save costs, reduce energy consumption, and have excellent product performance and reliable quality.

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission and Vision is to be the preferred and well-known supplier of Copper-Aluminum Bimetal Composites materials. Replacing copper with Copper-Aluminum Bimetal Composites in some applications, reduce energy consumption, support the global low-carbon economy.